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$6.99 gets you the 74 page Mobile Notary Book. You will be emailed 3 formats. Easy .pdf for anyone, as well as .mobi and .epub for e-readers and mobile devices. 

The Mobile Notary Book


  • ​If you are a current Traveling Notary Signing Agent looking for tips to take your Notary business to the next level & make more money, then this Mobile Notary / Signing Agent Book is for you.
  • If you would like to learn how to start and run a successful Mobile Notary, Loan Signing Agent business from the ground up, then this book is for you. No experience necessary!

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What others are saying

Notary Signing Agent training covered in the Mobile Notary Book

Notary Signing Agent training in this book is very different

The only Mobile Notary Book written by someone that has experience in every aspect of the field so I can share secrets from perspectives that no one else can. 

Notary Signing Agent Experience passed on to you. 16 years experience as a Mobile Notary - Learn the secrets and learn from my mistakes. I can give you first hand Tips on how to get started as well as how to effectively run and grow your Loan Signing Agent business to levels you never thought possible. 

Mobile Notary, Signing Agent tips from the viewpoint of a lenders are shown to you. I am a former Loan Officer. I can give you insider  tips and training as to what Lenders expect from a Mobile Notary and how you can get business from them. 

NSA secrets shared from someone that used to coordinate traveling Notaries Nationwide. I am a former QC Manager & Vice President of Operations for a large, Nationwide Notary Signing Service - I ran the operations of several Mobile Notary coordination offices so I can give you tips on what the Notary Signing Agencies look for in an NSA & secrets for getting them to call you first in your area.

Train to be a top Notary Signing agent that Escrow and Title companies want to call. I worked closely with top Escrow & Title companies through my VP and Lending experiences so I can  share secrets on how to get them to call on you again and again.

Notary Signing Agent training from someone that makes a consistent full time income in this industry. I AM THE SOLE SUPPORTER OF A FAMILY OF 7 FROM THIS MOBILE NOTARY BUSINESS ALONE - You can trust in the fact that I can give you the training you need to make a VERY good full time income or as much part time money as you wish as a Loan Signing Agent.

Duplicate my proven system as a successful Notary Signing Agent and you are sure to succeed. Start by following the NSA training, secrets & tips found in the Mobile Notary Book. After that, make sure you have a winning website. Use any site builder you're comfortable with or use my proven website builder but..... bottom line,  you cannot be successful without a winning site. After that, sign-up on the Notary databases I recommend in the book and point all database listings back to your website. You are on your way to being the top Notary Signing Agent in your area! 

What is a Notary Signing Agent and tips on getting started. 
​Easy to follow training covering every aspect of the Mobile Notary business.
NSA Training on how to go over every loan document including what you should say to make the borrowers sign expeditiously.
Notary Signing Agent marketing secrets and sample letters to help you build a huge clientele.
Tips to stand out as a top Mobile Notary so your clients keep requesting you first in your area.
One simple form that will have Notary clients calling you again and again.
Pitfalls, traps and things to never do as a Traveling Notary, Signing Agent.
Mobile Notary secrets on cutting out the middle man and make more money working directly with the Title & Escrow companies.
Mobile Notary Scheduling tips so you can complete more closings in a day.
Collection assistance including sample NSA collection letters.
Free & easy way to locate hundreds of companies looking to hire Notary Signing Agents. There is no need to pay for such  information. 
Much more Mobile Notary training, secrets and tips inside this book!
Thank you for your e-book. It is super helpful. The book is a great inside view of the job. I greatly appreciate your work and find the book indispensable. I couldn't have spent the money any better. Thanks again,  Carol Rikli

Hello!Thank you very much......It [Mobile Notary Book] is very informative. Please let me know if you come out with another online book regarding being a notary. Thank you, Carla Denise Johnson

Just completed review of your publication. Excellent and concise job. Look forward to implementing many of your ideas. I am new to this field,but have all the certifications from NNA including the Trusted Enrolled AgentCertification. Again,  Thanks -  Frank Grimes

I have been a notary for several years and I was doing fine but never great. The tips in this book have helped me gain new clients. I have only began utilizing the tips you provided and I have definitely made more money than I ever have - G. Teages

I bought your book and it was well written and informative. Thank-you, Stephen Dorje 

I was a bit intimidated when I contemplated starting my business...Thanks for making the process easy. The book not only laid out the start up for me but it has given me much behind the scenes info that saved me time and surely kept me  from making mistakes.....I have been getting many assignments, thank you - K. Wilton

​Thank you!  Great information! Stephanie Hoffman

Who is the Mobile Notary Book for?


Here is how the Mobile Notary Book will give you the NSA edge

Get over twelve times the exposure as a Notary Signing Agent with the fastest growing Notary Database on the internet.  

NOW FREE NOTARY SIGN-UP and always free to search!

Nothing is more important than having a professional website. With this DIY site builder, easily build your site & have all your listings link to it. 

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Your own Mobile Notary business

Traveling Notary Signing Agents are their own boss!

My Notary Signing Agent E-book Will Show You How To Be Your Own Boss & Make Your Own Hours With A Home Based Career.
Low Overhead! | Low Risk! | No Experience Necessary!
Anyone can be up, running & making money as a Mobile Notary, Loan Signing Agent in a relatively short period of time.  This business is in high demand and your Mobile Notary services will be sought after by Lenders, Notary Signing Services, Escrow and Title companies. 

Notary Signing Agent Q&A

Questions most often asked by prospective NSA

What is a Mobile Notary, Loan Signing Agent?
A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public that has further training to assist a Lender, Escrow or Title company with the proper execution of their loan package. NSAs are heavily sought after to make the loan singing process more convenient for their clients. This has become a spectacular income opportunity for the entrepreneur looking for part time income as well as a full time Mobile Notary career.

Loan Signing Agent duties include briefly describing the general purpose of each loan document & guiding borrower's where to find answers to their questions within the docs. More importantly the Notary Signing Agent is responsible for ensuring every document is signed, initialed and dated as indicated and that all applicable documents are properly Notarized. The NSA is also responsible for collecting any funds due as well as shipping the completed loan documents back to the client.  

How do I Get Started as a Mobile Notary, Loan Signing Agent?
Do I Have to Take a Class to Become a Notary Signing Agent? First and foremost, you need to be commissioned as a Notary Public in your state. You will find more information on the Secretary of State, Notary Division links on the Notary Resources page. Assuming you are already a Notary, you do not need to take a class to start performing Notary Loan Closings but you do need to understand everything that is involved with the Mobile Notary business.

You will find all the Mobile Notary training you need to start and successfully run a Mobile Notary, Loan Signing Agent business in The Notary Book. Everything from Mobile Notary start-up needs, how to review each loan document, NSA budgeting, what to expect as a Notary Signing Agent,  getting as many Notary Signing Agent clients as possible (and much more Mobile Notary Secrets, Tips & Training) is included in The Notary Book.   

How Can I Get More Mobile Notary Business? - How Can I Increase my Notary Signing Agent Clientele?
Where Can I Find Sample Notary Signing Agent Letters?This is the most frequently asked question and for good reason. Many Mobile Notaries get discouraged because they do not have enough clients to maintain the work flow and income they desire. Others can get new Signing Agent clients to call them but they struggle to keep them calling regularly.

With a well rounded and properly executed Mobile Notary marketing plan you can achieve any level us success you desire. These secrets and tips as well as sample Notary Signing Agent marketing letters are included in The Mobile Notary Book. 

How Do I Successfully Collect Notary Signing Agent Payments Due to Me? - What do I Do if My Mobile Notary Client Does Not Pay Me? 
If you are in the Notary Signing Agent business long enough, you will run across some payment issues. If you are choosy with you you work for you will minimize this problems. If you end up having a payment issue, you should have a step by step Mobile Notary collection plan including collection letters.

In The Mobile Notary Book, you will find detailed Mobile Notary training and plan of attack including sample Signing Agent collection letters to make these challenges as painless as possible. 

How Much Money Does a Mobile Notary Make? What does a Notary Signing Agent get paid per closing appointment? 
How much should I charge for a Notary loan closing? This is very often asked but not as easy to answer. The fee paid to a NSA depends on who hires them. Whereas many Lenders, Escrow and Title companies may pay a Mobile Notary $125 to $200+ for a closing, most Mobile Signing Agents will get a good percentage of their work from Notary Signing Services. These Notary coordination services are basically a middle man that Escrow will hire to locate a Notary Signing Agent for them. For signings with email docs, the Signing Service will take a cut and generally pay the notary between $90 (Average bare minimum in highly competitive/densely populated Notary areas) to $125+***. Small seller packages etc pay a little less.

***There are many signing services out there taking advantage of the new Notary Signing agents by offering insulting fees below those listed above. Some will offer Notary loan closing fees as low as $60 to $85 with e-docs. After taking out your expenses and averaging the total time spent per signing, it is hard to justify doing the signing.

Whereas no one can tell you what fee you should accept, our opinion is, accepting Notary loan signing fees below the average will perpetuate the problem. By insisting on fair fees you will discourage low-ball Notary Signing services and you will help ensure we can all stay in business. You are a licensed professional and you are a very crucial part of today's lending process. You deserve a fair fee so do not let anyone convince you otherwise. Those that take the low-ball Notary fees run around working long hours to make what equates to burger flipping money after expenses. Those that only accept a fair Notary fee (which most reputable companies still pay) make a very good living after expenses.

That being said, a Notary Signing Agent's income will vary by area and choice. In some areas, Signing Agents can command much higher fees than others. Also, some Mobile Notaries only desire a part time income while others strive to make as much as possible. Depending on your area and how you market yourself, a full time Notary Signing Agent can make a very good income. There are many full time Mobile Notaries that perform 50 to upwards of 75 signings a month. Use an average Notary Signing Agent fee of $90 per closing (usings - loan closings at $100 plus the occasional seller pack at $75) and you can see the income potential as a NSA.

If you market yourself correctly you will also do other Notary work for individuals, attorneys, hospitals etc between your loan closings. This is why many people have chosen to pursue a career as a Mobile Notary Signing Agent and why I have chosen to help people maximize their careers using the training, secrets and tips found in The Mobile Notary Book. 

What are Some Other Ways Mobile Notaries can Make Money Other Than Loan Closings?What are Other Money Making Avenues/Ideas For a Notary Public?
There are many opportunities for a Mobile Notary to make money in between Notary Loan Closings. If you have marketed your website well in your local area you should get calls to assist individuals with the notarization of their personal papers. Often times people cannot or choose not to travel to see a Notary. In addition, you can market your Mobile Notary services to hospitals, nursing and retirement homes. There should be a patient advocate or patient relations rep you can speak with. There is also a wealth of opportunity marketing your Signing Agent services to Attorneys that may have you visit their clients in office or at their home. There are also opportunities to notarize documents for auto transfer, out of state auto purchases, jails, debt settlement agencies, local businesses that need regular items notarized as well as opportunities to work as a Trusted Enrollment Agent. 

How Do I Get My Mobile Notary Clients (Escrow, Title, Lenders, Signing Services) to Call Me First? How Do I Get My Signing Agent Clients Keep Calling Me Back?
Getting a client as a Mobile Signing Agent is often not difficult but keeping your client is a often more challenging if you don't know how to keep them happy. Your goal should be to make your Mobile Notary coverage area synonymous with your name. In other words when a Notary client is looking for a Mobile Signing Agent within your area, your name should come to mind before any others.

Your Mobile Notary clients should appreciate your Notary expertise, professionalism, promptness and attitude so much that they are actually disappointed when you are not available to cover their closing. Your Loan Signing Agent clients should see you as the one that they can assign to the order and never have to worry once about the Notary loan closing going off without a hitch. The Signing Agent secrets in The Mobile Notary Book will help you rise to the top of your client lists. 

How Can I Complete More Notary Loan Closings In a Day and Make More Money as a Notary Signing Agent?
As a Mobile Notary, you not only want to make as much money as you can on each loan closing, you need make the best use of your time as well. Once you have a good number of clients, your Signing Agent income is only limited by the number of hours in the day. That means you need to learn how to streamline every step of your Mobile Notary business so that you can fit more appointments into your day with as little effort as possible.

Notary tips on preparation, scheduling and loan signing execution found in The Mobile Notary Book will help you make every hour of your Mobile Notary career as productive and profitable as possible. There are also tips on decreasing your overhead as a Mobile Notary so you keep more of your hard earned Notary Signing Agent dollars.

Thank you for visiting the Mobile Notary Book & Video site for your Notary Signing Agent training, secrets & tips. 

Becoming a traveling Notary Loan Closer is easier than you think. You can do it!

Why did I write this Mobile Notary Book?

Notary Loan Signing Agent business made easy - You can do it!

I wrote this Mobile Notary Book for a couple reasons. First, I see so many Mobile Notary books and e-books on sale for $30 to $100 and more! There is no need to spend that much money. Additionally,  I wrote this book because I have consistently been asked how I support a family of 7 on "only" a Mobile Notary income. I wanted to share my Notary Signing Agent experiences so others can learn from it. Whether you are just looking for part time income or a full time Mobile Notary career like me, this book should prove to be an asset to your pursuit. MANY NOTARY LOAN CLOSERS MAKE WELL ABOVE THE AVERAGE INCOME!

Get started as a Notary, Loan Signing Agent